Town of Greenfield || Excellence In Design 2010

The Town of Greenfield Highway Garage located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains is exactly as the title depicts, one big garage! The third sister building (this write-up may sound familiar) to the neighboring towns of Providence (2000) and Galway (2005) highway garages, both built by Munter, this building facilitates all functions of the Town of Greenfield Highway Department including administration, maintenance, storage, and the daily operations of the Town's road construction and snow removal equipment fleets.

Through our reputation on other local projects and the neighboring highway garage projects, once again Munter Enterprises, Inc. was asked to provide insight on the concept design. The Town wanted to ensure the building was programmed to fulfill their needs while performing under the region’s severe climate conditions. With American's design capability, the 105’ wide offset ridge has an interior column at 25’ making it easy to span the 80’ service bays. Metl Span’s 4” insulated roof panels with a Cool Forest Green paint finish were used for the roof for several reasons: to alleviate condensation issues encountered when traditional blanket type fiberglass insulation is used in high humidity applications, to achieve an R-value in excess of 30, and to leave less of a carbon footprint with a Cool paint system which provides a Solar Reflectance Index in excess of 28- how green is that! The 3:12 roof pitch helps to shed heavy snow loads and allow clearance inside to raise truck bodies and loader buckets during maintenance. The roof system alone is the envy of the surrounding town highway departments. The 14,700 square foot building's interior fit-up included a pitched reinforced concrete floor with multiple trench drains, a 25’x60’ wash bay, a 30-ton truck lift crane, full height Long Span liner panels, 2,500 square feet of office space, and 1,000 square feet of parts storage.

In the end, Munter ensured American Buildings Company was specified in the Town’s bid package and through their successful bid, the Town of Greenfield has since become another happy customer of the Munter and American team.