Stewarts || Excellence in Design 2007

This has got to be the coolest building we’ve ever done and I mean wicked cool! Designed to operate at an interior temperature of -10°F, this little cube gives me the shivers just thinking about it. Owning and operating over 300 convenience stores in the greater New York State area, Stewart’s needed a building just to stage loads for delivery of their frozen goods and dairy product lines. This 6,200 square foot freezer dock is just what they needed. Sitting atop of an intricate, thermally broken foundation system, the steel framing by American nicely supports the 6” thick urethane foam panels needed to maintain the frozen atmosphere inside.

Walking through the super-quick Rytec overhead doors and seeing the digital displays flashing from the sophisticated dock equipment while wearing winter parkas, safety glasses, and mittens makes you feel like a character in some strange Star Trek episode!! With state of the art refrigeration and condensing equipment, it certainly doesn’t take much to keep the ice cream icy. All in all, the smartly designed structure allows the loading crew to facilitate the many trucks delivering daily to their stores in the shortest time possible. Even for us New Yorkers, the less exposure to below zero temps the better…brrrr!