Serotta || Design Award 2002

Welcome to the new home of a worldwide industry leader in custom competition bicycles…Serotta. Staged among the hardwood trees on 4 acres of farmland in Saratoga Springs, New York, the 11,400 square foot manufacturing and administration facility is intelligently nestled adjacent to a restored 19th century farmhouse. Coupled with the attractive farmhouse which is used as a corporate training facility, the American Building Company's custom structure was the best fit to complete this campus-style business and emulate a traditional farm setting.

The long covered porch, 4 on 12 roof, finished endwall overhangs, rich Premium 70 roof and wall panel color selections accented with white trim, square Burgundy window design, and of course, the fully operational cupolas truly give the building a unique feel that lends itself to an upscale barn. Extra care was taken to keep the visible roof area clean. Not a single penetration was made on the front side of the painted Standing Seam roof despite the overwhelming demand to do so by the mechanicals and vents required of the internal manufacturing process.

Inside, the facility is geared to accommodate curious Serotta bicycle enthusiasts passing through the area while creating a productive work environment. The long covered porch is matched on the inside with a wide Observation hall lined with several windows and through lites viewing the artisan work area. Liner paneled walls, a corrugated galvalume metal ceiling, and exposed spiral ductwork create the industrial, yet farmish appeal while maintaining a low maintenance public space. An executive mezzanine was tucked beneath the high roof line to accommodate a conference room and executive office area overlooking the production floor and visitor center.

The home of the world renowned, hand-crafted Serotta bicycles is well represented by the construction team's workmanship and this intelligent pre-engineered building design.