Morr-Is Stored || Excellence in Design 2006

Good thing this three-story, 70,000 square foot climate controlled storage facility came to town or this neighborhood would look like one big yard sale!!

The new trend in storage facilities is to make them comfortable, secure and interesting. Having to send your personal assistant out on those wicked hot and cold days to retrieve records or those office holiday ornaments is no longer dreadful. With year-round heat and AC, camera’s in every hall and stairwell, an elevator, bright motion activated lighting, and friendly people to greet you upon arrival, you get that homey feel that is a far cry from your own basement or attic. Climate controlled storage is safe and convenient for hundreds of tenants needing more space at the home or office.

Designed using a 10’ column and beam grid, American’s stackable system was a hit for the erection crew and the Owner. All the pieces are light enough to man-handle saving on equipment costs and erection time. Not to mention the design flexibility which enabled the Owner to maximize his lot coverage and rentable space by following a saw-toothed property line! Towering three stories was no problem for this clever steel frame system and the well distributed loads made for a low impact foundation design. This is a key considering these types of buildings are a good fit for less desirable lots. We like to call this a stack and pack…we stack it and they pack it. Definitely a one of a kind!