Furniture Theatre || Design Award 2001

Furniture Theatre shares a lot with one of the few remaining Drive-In movie theatres in the area, hence the name. The 21,060 square foot pre-engineered metal building is occupied by one furniture retail business which includes 1,700 square feet of office area, 4,300 square feet of warehouse and an enormous show room in excess of 15,000 square feet.

The project began with stabilization of the 3 acre clay site involving the import of over 10,000 cubic yards of structural fill, blasting a 1/4 mile of trench line, and pinning portions of the footing to bedrock.

The Architect originally proposed the building to the Town as a conventional structural steel building. However, Munter Enterprises was able to incorporate the necessary design elements into an American building by working closely with detailers out of Columbus, Georgia. Some of the details making the building a Complexity 10 are parapet walls as required to hide roof top mechanicals, odd bay spacings to accommodate window layout and gable bump-out details, and a custom ordered accent trim to offset the building height. The front corner skews at 45 degrees to highlight the store's entrance and structural steel reinforcing supports the ornamental steel entrance canopy. The rear leg of the 30 foot tall open steel structure rests on an American designed beam just beneath the roof eliminating a column that would have obstructed the entrance vestibule. Several at eave canopies protect doorways beneath the eave and an endwall canopy nicely protects the exterior dock. In addition, American's Loc Seam roofing was the perfect touch to top off the enormous tower and porches.

In or out of the theatre, the building is truly deserving of an Oscar.