Extra Innings || Design Award Winner 2008

Extra Innings

In upstate New York we get our fair share of foul weather. To baseball fanatics and athletes, Mother Nature can surely put a hamper on those much desired days on the field. So when Extra Innings needed a home to give our locals a place to train and practice year round, we knew the pitch- a 120'x165' M1 rigid frame with a 90' clear span and 27' interior clearance for those pop flies. With 9 tunnels for pitching and batting, and 4 tunnels fed from the, state-of-the-art, coin-operated pitching machine, any level player of all ages can find their own in this facility.

There is truth in the "if you build it, they will come…"cliché. The greater Ballston area loves it, and what a perfect addition to this meadow in a bustling business park surrounded by a welcoming community. As a visible recreation destination, Extra Innings needed to look nice while saving money on the annual utility bills. With Metl Span's 2", kynar finished insulated panels boasting an R-17 insulation rating, coupled with an R-26 fiberglass system under American's Standing Seam 360 roof, this baseball Mecca is a home run in efficiency. To emulate the traditional ballpark look, Centria's Pro Core 30 panels, in Regal Blue, were used to overlay arches on the exterior of the stadium's expansive sidewall.

When a building is designed for general assembly and public use, the safety and lives of many families are depending on the structure around them. A strike in the design department is not an option. Aside from the 5,000 square foot mezzanine rated for 125 pounds per square foot, the special consideration by the engineering standards for this use of building is most evident when you glare up to the ceiling at the hefty rafters and connections that burden the 90' clear span and 50 pound per square foot snow load on this ¼:12 roof. A very impressive play by American!

If you're benched for a while you can peruse the retail store, enjoy a snack from the vending cafeteria, take a crack at championing your favorite video game, or simply relax and watch the game on one of the many LCD flat panel TV's throughout the comfort area. If you really like it here, why not lease Class 'A' office space for your own business on the second floor mezzanine. You'll never have to twist a clients arm to stop in and you certainly can’t beat taking those stress relief breaks in the batting cage!

Who doesn't want a place like this in their own backyard? So when that additional play time is needed, Extra Innings is the place. Just remember, American Buildings created the space!