Aztech Technologies || Excellence in Design 2006

The benefits of the work performed by Aztech Technologies are sometimes thankless and unseen. Analyzing contamination sources, monitoring groundwells, and cleaning contaminated soils and sanitizing aquifers isn’t something anyone typically cares to do. If people really did care, these things wouldn’t be polluted in the first place!! So it’s not surprising that solving ugly environmental issues day in and day out would lead Aztech to desire a building that was environmentally friendly and attractive.

When it came time to build a new headquarters for this growing firm, this single sloped 150’x160’ M2 was the perfect solution for their office, field support shop and equipment warehouse. Although low in complexity, the structure had some pre-engineered bells and whistles; a 6’ at eave canopy, 18” overhangs with finished soffits along the entire front sidewall, a parapet condition along the right endwall, varying baseplate elevations at most every frameline, a full height interior partition and the insulated panel and roof decking combo.

From an energy saving perspective this building is a definite winner!! With Metl Span’s 3” insulated panels on the walls and an R-24 membrane roof system, it’s certainly not a windfall for the local utility company. To top it off, Aztech designed their own geo-thermal system to heat and cool the massive building. Comprised of seven wells plummeting 500 feet into the ground, the system is able to tap the stored energy of the temperate waters below through a series of sophisticated heat pumps, condensers and computerized controls. Equipped with in-slab radiant heating throughout, exposed ductwork supplying air conditioning in the offices, state-of the art, energy efficient lighting fixtures and other technologically advanced amenities, this building is a “green” machine. Aztech has been recognized by NYSERDA ( New York State Energy and Research Development Authority) for their successful efforts in constructing a building that is a friend to our Earth… not to mention American Buildings!!