Allerdice Hardware || Excellence in Design 2005

On land in the Town Center adjacent to a popular strip mall and large grocery store, this 12,000 square foot retail facility catches the eye of the weekend warrior and contractor’s alike. The building is equipped to service a local ACE hardware dealer competing with the big boxes in a highly visible, growing area of Saratoga County, NY.

American’s Seam Loc roof panels nicely accent the entrance canopy and tower while providing outdoor retail space and storage. Nothing like window shopping from the comfort of your own car! Construction on the store began in late November with an early spring completion. The architect had specified a metal stud curtain wall with a stucco finish. Not cost effective to do in sub zero weather. To help expedite construction, Metl Span’s 3” insulated wall panels were used allowing the building to be enclosed rapidly while providing a suitable exterior and interior finish all in one! The panels were furnished to a common eave elevation making the ¼:12, M1 building appear to have a flat roof to match the adjacent conventional steel buildings. With exposed concrete floors, floor to ceiling racking, exposed red steel, roof decking, and Metl Span panels, the customer achieved the big box look he was seeking on the inside without spending money on extra finishes.

This building successfully met the customer’s budget and tough winter schedule while creating an inviting structure for attracting the handyman with a job to do!!